Aged Day Care Service


Our emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing can be enhanced by relationships and friendships formed with other people. There are people within our community who for reasons of health, age or language have difficulty meeting with others and can become isolated and lonely. Our Aged Day Care Service provides senior citizens with the unique opportunity of meeting and socializing with people.

Each group is run by a trained worker who speaks the language of the group providing an important link between the participant and the service. This worker can also help breach the barrier that is faced by many of our elderly from non-English speaking backgrounds by liaising with health professionals, service organizations and government departments ensuring that they have access to information through visiting speakers.

The service recognizes that we are all individuals so where possible programs are tailored to meet the individual needs of the participant and provide an opportunity for social interaction, mental stimulation and physical activity in a safe and secure environment. Outings take place monthly to different locations determined by the group and coordinator (during outings participants are required to bring or buy their own lunch).

Participants are transported to and from the group by South West Community Transport and morning tea and lunch are provided for centre based activities.

The cost to attend a group is $12.00 per person.

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