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Refugee Dinner Nov 2016

MDSI Settlement Program - Refugee Dinner

POSTED: 01st December 2016

On Tuesday 15 November 2016, five refugee families attended a dinner hosted by The Social Justice class from St Patrick College in Campbelltown.

Eighteen children attended the dinner with their parents and later told us they had a great time. The families had a great time chatting to the students, teachers and the principal of the school. There was a discussion about enrolling at the school and whether there were any issue with wearing the Hijab. The principle’s told them that the scarf is part of the school uniform and the girls can wear it. The kids also played a game of soccer and basketball.

The school provided multicultural food for the families while the families brought dessert. School staff, students and families sat together during dinner and shared stories and experiences off their journeys to Australia and their lives now.

Young people from the school and visitors had a conversation about HSC studies. The school would love to continue the relationship with MDSI and the families. After dinner the students distributed beautiful bags with Australian motives filled with yummy things. Photos were taken and goodbyes said with everyone happy with the outcomes.

Submitted by Sana Al-Ahmar, Generalist Settlement Case Worker and Fatin Al Rawi, Family Settlement Worker.

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Brain Gym demonstration

MPs Join Manse Fun

POSTED: 16th November 2016 SOURCE: Macarthur Chroncile 15th November 2016

Brain gym demonstration all a part of open day.

MACARTHUR federal Labor MP Mike Freelander and Campbelltown state Labor MP Greg Warren joined sen­iors, volunteers and Macar­thur Diversity Services Initiative (MDSI) staff to take part in a brain gym class at Campbelltown's his­toric The Manse recently.

MDSI staff and open day organiser Sue Gordon said the brain gym aimed to im­prove balance, memory and cognitive abilities.

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Enjoying airds bradbury mens shed

Mental Health a Top Priority

POSTED: 27th October 2016 SOURCE: Campbelltown Macarthur Advertiser 26th October 2016

Men who seek help, refuge or good, old-fashioned friendship are always welcomed at Airds Bradbury Men's Shed.

That's the message from manager and Macarthur Diversity Services Initi­ative representative An­drew McGlinchy.

Mr McGlinchy and the Men's Shed team will hold an open day on Friday, October 28 from 10.30am to 1.30pm for people who want to find out more about the organi­sation. 

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Celebreating end of ramadan

Muslims Mark Holy Month’s End

POSTED: 20th July 2016 SOURCE: Campbelltown Macarthur Advertiser 20th August 2016

Macarthur Muslims celebrated the end of Ramadan with a gathering in Koshigaya Park.

The annual event - organised by Macarthur Diversity Services - was held one week after the official end of Ramadan, also known as Eid.

Most years up to 150 people attend the event. This year, due to strong winds and a combined chill factor, about 40 people attended.


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Children helping to preparte food
Gathering at koshigaya park
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Eid ul fitr uniting cultures

Eid ul-Fitr Uniting Cultures

POSTED: 19th July 2016 SOURCE: Macarthur Chroncile 19th July 2016

Members of Macarthur's Muslim community came together for Eid ul-Fitr, a celebration of the end of Ramadan.

At 65 people attended the event which signifies the breaking of a month's fasting. Macarthur Diversity Services Initiative (MDSI) generalist settlement worker Sana Al-Ahmar said the event broguth new and existing residents together for a celebration of their culture.

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End of Ramadan - Eid El-Fitr Celebration

POSTED: 08th July 2016

Macarthur Diversity Services Initiative invites the Macarthur community celebrate Eid El-Fitr, (end of Ramadan) with the Muslim community at Koshigaya Park on 13 July 2016.

Koshigaya Park is expected to be buzzing with entertainment, games, and a barbecue lunch on the day.

Ramadan is a special month of the year in the Islamic calendar. During the month, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset every day as part of an effort towards self-purification and betterment.

Ramadan is a time for inner reflection, devotion and self-control. The sighting of the new moon at the end of Ramadan marks the celebration of Eid El-Fitr which fell this year on 6th July.

There are two major celebrations in the Islamic Calendar. All Muslims celebrate the completion of Ramadan which is known as Eid Al-Fitr or the festival of breaking the fast. The other celebration is Eid Al-Adha (festival of sacrifice), which takes place during the annual pilgrimage to the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

MDSI welcomes all members of the wider community to come together and celebrate with us.

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Refugee created artworks

Refugees In Pictures

POSTED: 05th July 2016 SOURCE: Macarthur Chroncile 28th June 2016

Exhibition shares asylum seeker's experiences.

In a celebration of Refugee Week, Macarthur Diversity Services Initiative and Campbelltown Arts Centre is showcasing the experiences of refugees through an art exhibition.

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Refugee Week 2016 - Celebrating Diversity Art Exhibition

POSTED: 20th June 2016

Macarthur Diversity Services Initiative, in partnership with Campbelltown Arts Centre is Celebrating Diversity and showcasing the refugee experience through art and cultural expression.

The theme “With Courage Let us combine” reminds us that, while a refugee’s journey begins with danger, it also begins with hope. Refugees flee their homelands not only because they fear persecution, but also because they have hope in finding freedom from persecution, and safety and security for themselves and their families; they hope to be given a chance to start a new life and recover from past trauma.

As ordinary people living peaceful lives, we rarely have to put our courage to the test. Refugees are ordinary people, too, except that through no fault of their own, they find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. As such, they are often required to dig deep into their own inner sources of strength in order to find "the ability to overcome fear". Many refugees face ongoing discrimination, violence and uncertainty, with little hope for a resolution in the near future. The theme calls on us to consider how we can provide solutions for these refugees. Research carried out by the Refugee Council of Australia has shown that refugees make important economic, civil and social contributions to Australian society. Australia’s refugees and humanitarian entrants have found success in every field of endeavour, including the arts, sports, media, science, research, business and civic and community life.

The exhibition is from 24 June – 3 July 2016 at Campbelltown Arts centre.

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